What do I offer?


So you've recorded your track(s). But you can't get them to sound as good technically as your favourite commercial tracks. Send me your audio stems and I will mix and master them to a professional standard in no time, ready for release. During my process, I will send you previews of my work in progress so that you can tailor your sound just as you want it. Additionally, you can send me a description of how you would like me to mix your track(s) along with the audio stems. Details as followed:
Mixing 1 Track:
£25, 1 week, 2 revision
2 or more tracks:
For each additional track, +£15, +3 days +1 revision
Mastering 1 Track:
£10, 3 days, no revision
Each revision +£5


Got an idea for an audio plugin? Or interested in entering the world of Audio Programming? I can teach you the fundamentals and help you bring your audio processing ideas to life. The price depends on a quote for the project.


If you are interested in staring out in the world of music production but have no idea where to begin, I offer a 1 to 1 service outlining the basics of setting up a bedroom studio. This can be done over skype (skype calls lasting a maximum of 1 hour per session) and are available for £8 per session. I am currently offering a free MAX MSP tutorial video that you can watch by CLICKING HERE.


If you are a rapper/singer in search of a beat, or just need help with producing your own music, I offer music production in any genre, tailored to what you want. If possible, include some reference tracks in your email to help me understand what style you are aiming for. Pricing depends on a quote.