AU & VST3 for Mac OS only.



Kaput is a faithful recreation of a dusty, old handheld cassette recorder on the brink of collapse. Many hours of hardware modelling allow you to give your audio a lo-fi, broken vintage sound. Kaput does not do subtlety; push the input gain and experience meticulous, non-linear cassette tape modelling.



Koruss is a multi-purpose effect plugin, including chorus, flanging, and vibrato effects. Based on vintage analog stereo chorus schematics, Koruss features two blendable LFO's, multiple LFO waveshapes, various delay times suited for different effects, and 'Sheen': an audio enhancing algorithm based on vintage aural exciter hardware. The output Trim features a right-click option between digital or virtual analog amplification, which induces subtle overload distortion.



Sahara is a simple to use but versatile distortion/saturation plugin, offering 4 different distortion algorithms, as well as controls for voltage bias, variable shape, and pre-processing EQ to quickly craft the exact distortion tone you need, for anything from nasty guitar tones to subtle tape saturation.